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Self Striping
Self Striping

Self Striping

Posh Sock

Merino/ Nylon/ Mohair

100grms/ 4ply

400m per 100grms

Care Instructions:

Cool handwash, mild detergent, dry flat.

What makes Striping Yarn so awesome?

Self-striping yarn features multiple colors that automatically transition and create stripes as you work through your project adding a touch of magic to your creations, turning even the simplest stitches into captivating works of art.

Each skein of self-striping yarn is carefully dyed with a sequence of harmonious or contrasting colors, creating a mesmerizing visual effect as the colors naturally shift from one to the next. The transitions can be regular and predictable, or they can surprise you with unexpected combinations, making each project truly one-of-a-kind.

Why Posh Sock belongs on your feet...

Merino wool is known for its softness and fine fibers, which make the socks comfortable to wear against the skin and mohair adds an additional luxurious feel to the socks. The combination of these materials provides a balance between softness and durability. Both merino wool and mohair have excellent insulation properties, helping to keep your feet warm in cold weather. Nylon is a synthetic fiber that adds strength and durability to the sock yarn. Socks made with nylon blends are more resistant to abrasion and wear, increasing the lifespan of the socks.

All this to say that Posh sock is lush! Featuring beautiful stitch definition that creates fabric that is a pleasure to wear!

The utmost has been done to reproduce the colour accurately, but please keep in mind that due to variations in device screens the perceived colour may vary.