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Yarn Care Instructions

How do I care for my Yarnfloozy yarn?
Gentle hand washing will keep your project beautiful for longer. For best results, hand-wash your finished project with a drop of mild detergent in COLD water. If using dark or saturated colours along with light always swatch first to prevent surprises.

Fill a bucket or sink with cold water, add a couple of drops of mild detergent (I recommend Eucalan), and pop your knitting on top of the water. As soon as it sinks to the bottom, remove it and gently squeeze out the excess water.
Lay flat or pin as needed for blocking.
Yarn is thoroughly rinsed and washed after dyeing and before being listed for sale, however yarn that is a heavily saturated colour may bleed on initial washing, depending on water temperature, detergent used (both the type and the amount), and the individual chemistry of your water.