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Ritzy Bouclé

Textured Elegance: Ritzy Bouclé

A specialty yarn that combines the lustrous and smooth texture of silk with the unique looped or bouclé texture. Ritzy Bouclé features small loops or curls along its length, creating a textured, bumpy surface. When this texture is combined with the inherent sheen and softness of silk, it produces a luxurious fabric.

Can be used in knitting and crochet projects to create elegant, textured fabrics. It can be used for various items, including scarves, shawls, sweaters, and other clothing items, as well as home decor items like cushions and throws.

Composition: 70% Silk/ 30% Merino

Gauge: Needle size is not as important as achieving a fabric that you like. This yarn can be knit as both a 4ply and an 8ply.