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Yarn of the Month: March
Yarn of the Month: March
Yarn of the Month: March

Yarn of the Month: March

March 'Thunderstorm'

Over the summer a couple of spectacular storms came through that made the skies growl and the ocean roar in response. The air gets heavy with the anticipation of rain, humans and animals alike hunker down to stay warm and dry. This atmosphere is so rich with drama and sultry colour, so inspirational!

I wanted to capture this feeling in colour, so of course the best yarn to turn to is Machinist 4ply which brings to the table its naturally moody undertones. I have enhanced these colours and splashed it with a range of rich yet vibrant blues and teals, reminiscent of those deep blue tones swirling about in stormy seas. 

Machinist 4ply is my most versatile yarn and is perfect for projects ranging from socks through to garments. It is a yarn that you can dress up and dress down as you need. Some of my favourite garments have been knitted in this base and even as I reach for them time and again they are still beautiful to wear years down the track.

So without further a due I bring to you the Yarn of the Month: 'Thunderstorm'

Available to order on 5th March and will ship on 14 March


70% Merino/ 20% Yak/ 10% Nylon

100grms/ 4ply

400m approx per 100grms


Care Instructions:

Cool handwash, mild detergent, dry flat.


The utmost has been done to reproduce the colour accurately, but please keep in mind that due to variations in device screens the perceived colour may vary.