Yarn of the Month: August
Yarn of the Month: August

Yarn of the Month: August

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Introducing the Yarn of the Month: August

'Port Wine Magnolia'

I always admire people with green fingers that can make a garden come to life. It is something I aspire to yet never quite manage to actualize. In our garden we have a beautiful Port Wine Magnolia and not only do I love the colour of the blossoms but the scent is divine! It reminds me of many happy hours spent in the garden with my kids while they were young making creations in the sand pit. Sadly for the last couple of years it has not flowered and I have missed it! So while I try and figure out what is going on I decided to relive happy 'Port Wine Magnolia' memories by turning it into a yarn colourway. And I love it! Dyed on a Single Spun Yarn it has come out beautifully - tonal yet has pops of colour so representative of that beautiful scent cutting through the air.

One off Specialty base:  The mill accidentally sent me a box of incorrect yarn but when I opened it I loved it so much I decided to keep it! So get your hands on it now, once it is gone that will be it. It is a beautiful bouncy 100% Merino Single Spun yarn that takes up colour beautifully and creates a squishy and soft fabric. 

Available to order on 6th August and will ship on 18th August.

Special One off Base

100% Merino (Single Spun)

100grms/ 4ply

366m approx per 100grms

Care Instructions:

Cool handwash, mild detergent, dry flat.

 The utmost has been done to reproduce the colour accurately, but please keep in mind that due to variations in device screens the perceived colour may vary.