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When Vanessa was a wee girl she dreamed of being able to see wild African animals in their own habitat. Many years ago, she realised this dream by joining a safari from South Africa, across the border to Namibia, through the Caprivi Strip and on to Victoria Falls. It was an unforgettable and varied trip; the scenery was spectacular. You can imagine my delight when she came across a pair of young lions off in search of prey early one morning!

They slept in tents on this three week trip and much of the journey was through desert, as you would expect. What she did not expect was how bone chillingly cold the nights were!

So the seed for this shawl design was planted way back then, as she sat around the fire with her new friends, wishing she had something warm for her shoulders, and something warm to wrap herself in inside her sleeping bag in the night.

You will begin knitting this shawl at one corner with just a few stitches, and you’ll increase along one side only to create a generously large triangle that, when finished, will wrap you up warm to drive out that biting African desert chill. The simple lacework and stripes break up the sea of garter and the tassels add a gorgeous finishing touch.
You will only require two skeins of Machinist 4ply a Merino/Yak/Nylon yarn which is warm yet very light. The yarn in this section has been dyed specifically for the Etosha shawl by Vanessa Harper (Hanging Rock Roost). The pattern is not included but can be purchased here.

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